Soul Re-Connection & The Return of Magic

Sorry for another lengthy radio silence. I’ve been traveling in Sweden, been jetlagged and inundated with work, while also starting up my new leadership training, and over all felt quite discombobulated (I love that word, the vowels are so ’round’ and cool;-)).

But last night I had an epiphany. I need to change the way I live right now.

I’ve been so immersed in the business world, in the chamber, 85 Broads, starting to raise money for the game (and learning the gaming world), traveling, Sweden itself, which has many virtues, but it runs on a low vibration and combined, they all contribute to pull me out of my soul. So does emotional eating as well as too much Hulu-watching, which are coping mechanisms for handling the above, but unfortunately add more fire to the fuel.

What happens when I lose my connection to my body and my soul is that I lose my magic and my energizer-bunny type of energy. I essentially lose myself, while the world turns into black and white static. And nothing, absolutely nothing! is worth that. I easily would choose giving up this LA-life and live on nothing in an Ashram in India, or as a Shaman in the Amazon, rather than losing my connection. I don’t need to be an entrepreneur, CEO or a business leader. It’s one way to make a difference. But I can’t live without soul or magic, and I know that living and teaching that is why I’m here.

Now, the good thing is that I believe that I don’t have to choose. But I have to really careful not to overdo the outer world, and to make sure to maintain my yoga practice on a daily basis, as well as my meditation practice. The clairvoyant meditation is great, but it works on a different level. Right now, I need to find the sacredness in everything again, which only happens when I’m in my physical yogic self.

So today, I’ve felt the magic return. It’s like a surge of ebullient and effervescent energy, climbing back up along the spine (kundalini rising, as it’s called in the yogic world). I’m truly blessed, on so many levels. I’ve reached a new level of clarity. I know what needs to come first. And I know what I need to change…The coming months will be interesting…

Life is beautiful and just as it should be.







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